Fine Line Painting Contracts

How to Manage your Painting Contract

painting contractSo you’ve decided which contractor to paint the interior or exterior of your home. Now what? First get the details in writing. In other words get a painting contract between you and your painting company. During the excitement of selecting your new paint colors it’s sometimes easier said than done. Before you let the project begin make sure you have one. The language should be clear and point out the most important aspects of your project.

Each Contract has required elements. There should be an offer and an acceptance between the two parties. The offer is the estimate provided by the painting company. The acceptance is your signed signature accepting the offer. Next there needs to be consideration. The estimate should note the amount of consideration needed to complete your painting project. The third element is given that both parties are competent. The forth element is acknowledgement that the contact has a legal purpose.

Typical content of a contract include the names of all parties involved including their addresses and contact information. The contact should be dated and should have a description of the property location if different than the home address. The contract should spell out the terms of the contract. Such as, the amount of monies required down and how is the rest of the contract to be paid. Any additional change to the contract should be addressed at that time. Also the contract should mention the expiration and or penalties if either party fails to act.

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