Interior Painting Special with Fine Line Painting

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About a month ago we had the privilege to reconnecting with a previous interior painting client again.  They are a married couple that transferred here from out of state and we’ve painted for them on multiple occasions.  Their previous projects included interior painting and exterior painting jobs and they have been a very satisfied customer.  On this occasion, they wanted some of the main rooms of their home painted on the main floor.  They were interested in using a monochromatic paint color scheme in the foyer, hall, great room, kitchen and half bath prior to the holidays.

We arranged a time to meet and went over the complete details of the project.  They selected the gray monochromatic paint colors with white trim to be used.  They agreed to our contract almost on the spot and started discussing when the project could be scheduled.  They were going on vacation in a few weeks for about a week and we concluded it would be great if the work could be complete then.  They could avoid the process and disruption of the job while being away but connected with just a cell phone call away.  It was settled and we scheduled the job to begin the first of that week.  It is a great honor to be trusted with their home while they are away.  This speaks volumes to our relationship.

The project took less than a week to complete and we let them know the moment we were done.  They were so excited and couldn’t wait to see it.  When they returned they were blown away with the results.  Their first comment was, “WOW”!  They loved everything about the project.  They really loved the gray monochromatic paint colors and the way the white trim complemented the walls, especially with the window light during the day.  They commented, “What a vacation special.  Not only did we enjoy our vacation but we also enjoyed having our interior painting project completed while we were gone”.

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