Fine Line Painting Happy Client

This is the story about Dave’s happy client that he has helped numerous times during our current 21st century.  Mrs. Bromley called Fine Line Painting’s office phone and left a message explaining their needs for painting.   Dave returned her call very quickly, most calls he returns in less than 24 hours and they set up a time and date to meet.  Upon first approach to the Bromley residence on Canterbury in Ann Arbor he noticed the very beautiful landscaping and was looking forward to meeting them face-to-face.  He knocked on the door and Mrs. Bromley answered.  First impressions are everything.  She was very welcoming and asked Dave to come in.  It took about 25 minutes to discuss their interior painting project in detail. Dave sent out the detailed proposal immediately and it was accepted.  He did exactly what was laid out in the proposal and was very accommodating when Mr. Bromley added additional work to the project.  Dave quickly gave him an instant quote and got the job done on time.  What a beautiful finished job.   Mr. and Mrs. Bromley were so pleased with the colors they chose with Dave.  The finished job turned out so perfect they decided to recommend Dave to their friends and he received their referrals. The word of mouth referrals have always been the pride and joy a Fine Line Painting as most of our clients are referrals.  We look forward to making you a satisfied customer or receiving your referral.   Also when exploring the needs and colors of your painting project you may have something in mind and discussing them with your painting contractor can help you finalize those decisions when there’s any question.  Mr. Bromley is now more than a happy client he is a “friend”, in fact, they have socially met on a few occasions.  Not only did they find their perfect contractor but Dave also found another friend, Call Fine Line Painting at 734-769-1303 and let us make you another satisfied client and friend.