Exterior House Painting in Ann Arbor, MI

Fine-Line Painting is a locally-owned full-service painting contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan serving the area since 1975. We have the best professional painters in Ann Arbor, MI and to ensure you get the best exterior paint job for your home, we use the following 6 step process:

1: Reviewing Your Painting Goals

You want the best paint job possible for your home using the correct color of paint with a quality of paint that will last for many years, or even decades. When we first visit your home, we will review your house painting job and listen to you to identify your goals for your paint including:

  • Color of paint
  • Quality/grade of paint
  • Price point

Then we will provide you with a free quote. When you “OK” the quote we will then quickly start the process painting your house to your specifications.

2: Site Preparation

To ensure there is no over-spray, we will cover all areas of your house that you do not want painted (driveway, foundation, etc.) including your yard and plants. Plus, we will tape off the proper areas to protect the parts of your house that you do not want painted (windows, vents, etc.).

3: Washing Your House

For your exterior house paint to last the maximum amount of years possible while looking its best, it needs to be applied to a clean surface. We will power-wash your home to eliminate any dirt, oil or mildew that has built up on your house exterior over time.

4: Surface Preparation

power deck washingTo ensure your new exterior house paint strongly adheres to your home so it does not chip or flake off, we will properly prepare the surface before we paint your house. This includes:

  • Scraping and sanding to get down to a solid surface
  • Sanding for a better appearance
  • Replacing any damaged or rotten wood
  • Removing any non-adhering old caulk
  • Applying new caulk
  • and finally… PRIMING.

This attention to detail during your exterior wall’s surface preparation ensures that your paint will look beautiful and last the maximum amount of years possible.

5: Exterior Paint Application

Now that your home painting job has been prepared by washing, taping, preparing the surface properly, now it’s time for your house to get a beautiful new exterior paint-job that will make you proud of your home.

Our experienced home painters will apply your new paint with a brush, roller and by spraying. To ensure no moisture penetrates into your siding or the wood of your home, we will also paint under where the siding overhangs, any “nooks and crannies” of the exterior walls, and all around your windows, doors, vents and other critical areas.

This will ensure your paint looks great, lasts long and protects your house from water-damage for many years (or decades) to come.

6: Final Inspection

Your new home paint job is not complete until our crew, the foreman and most importantly… YOU say it’s complete. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your house’s new paint, so you get the final say.

We look forward to providing your house with a beautiful new paint-job that will make you proud of your home. Call us today at (734) 769-1303 for a free estimate on your new exterior house paint.