Get Smooth Walls: Outsource  to an Ann Arbor Painter

Wallpaper Removal

If you have ever attempted to tear down wallpaper in your home, you understand the tedious nature of this project. Wallpaper is a tricky element to work with and to remove thoroughly. The results you envision may not be the results you get if you aren’t experienced in working with wallpaper. Outsourcing wallpaper removal to an Ann Arbor painter saves you time, effort, and headache, while delivering on the look you want for your home.

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What Makes Wallpaper Removal So Difficult?

It’s easy to underestimate the job of removing wallpaper. Even if the wallpaper is peeling, the job is not as simple as grabbing a corner and ripping down the paper. There are plenty of factors that make wallpaper removal so difficult:

  • You’re not just tearing down wallpaper. You’re also tearing down wallpaper backing and glue, both incredibly stubborn elements. Older wallpaper may have even been adhered with a strong, clay-based wallpaper glue that makes this time-intensive task even longer. This adhesive must be broken down and scraped off to make way for smooth walls.
  • You could damage the walls. Exhaustion can get the best of you during wallpaper removal, but you want to avoid taking any aggression out on the walls. Drywall repairs are not uncommon when homeowners attempt to do their own wallpaper removal.
  • You have allergies. Wallpaper, especially if it’s been on the walls of your home for decades, collects dust and dander. Whether you’re moving into a new home that needs renovations or you’re tearing down age-old paper in your family home, the build-up that’s gathered over the years can do a number on your respiratory system.

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Reasons to Remove Wallpaper

You may intend to put wallpaper right back up where the old stuff comes down. And that’s great – wallpaper is an excellent wall covering. But you may want to paint the walls where the wallpaper resides, and for that you need a complete removal of the paper so that the walls can be sanded and primed so they are smooth and ready for fresh coats of paint.

  • Paper absorbs odors. Sometimes wallpaper needs to be removed because it looks awful, but sometimes removal is necessary because it smells awful. Wallpaper in a kitchen or bathroom is sure to take on a scent after years of exposure to cooking and aerosols and other smells.
  • You don’t like the texture. Some people can live with the wallpaper in their home. Some even try to paint over the wallpaper to hide it without having to remove it. If you’re living with textured wallpaper, however, stripping the paper will be even more challenging, and getting the walls completely smooth will be a big job.
  • You’re ready for a clean look. There is no right or wrong reason to remove wallpaper. Whether you are tired of your pattern, moved into an old home and want to renovate the wallpaper immediately, or are ready to have painted walls, outsourcing means the only difficult task you have left is what to do with the walls once they’re stripped clean.

Professional wallpaper removers at Fine-Line Painting protect your walls, floor, and trim. Their knowledge of wallpaper removal is extensive – it’s a task they know how to tackle, so they’re well-equipped to deal with all manner of difficult wallpaper removal jobs. Plus, the pros use chemical strippers, scoring tools, and steamers, to do a thorough job and completely clear your walls.

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